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HVACO'Brien Heating & Cooling Inc. offers homeowners in Clifton Park, NY and surrounding areas the most energy efficient temperature control on the market.  Geothermal heat pumps tap into the renewable energy source found right in your backyard, achieving upwards of 400% efficiency.  Despite the significant investment into installation, these environmentally-superior systems typically pay for themselves in under five years.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Services From Our Expert Team

Utilizing an underground loop system, geothermal equipment simply moves heat between the home and the ground.  There’s no combustion process or byproducts, and no concern over flames, fumes, or hot surfaces. The system also provides versatility, offering cooling, heating, hot water, and a source for radiant heating.  Quiet, clean, efficient, and effective, geothermal HVAC is an unbeatable year-round solution.

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Family-owned, O'Brien Heating & Cooling Inc. is your trusted, experienced, and expert source for geothermal installation and services across Cohoes, Troy, East Greenbush, Albany, Schenectady & Clifton Park, NY.  We partner with industry-leading and proven equipment to deliver exceptional performance, value, and sustainability. All projects are completed to strict scheduling, standards, and budget.  We further offer specials, rebates, and financing to promote your investment into more environmentally responsible temperature control.

Consider the many benefits of the WaterFurnace Synergy 3D Geothermal System:

  • Customize independent temperatures in specific areas of the home
  • Combine radiant floors with conventional forced air heating & cooling
  • Provides $5 of energy for every $1 spent on electrical energy
  • Achieves an unmatched 500% efficiency rating
  • Outstanding warranty coverage
  • Trim energy usage by 70%
  • Extreme reliability and longevity
  • Fully insulated cabinet for lower sound levels
  • Coated air coil combats corrosion and boosts efficiency
  • Exceptional dehumidification in cooling mode
  • Electronic overflow protection avoids property damage from condensate leaks
  • Corrosion proof drain combats mold, mildew, and algae
  • Dual capacity, scroll compressor achieves greater efficiency & dependability
  • Safe & clean operation
  • Non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant
  • Exceeds performance standards for Energy Star rating

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